clogged gutters leading to ice damsMany homeowners are under the mistaken impression that spring and summer are the only time gutters benefit your home. Your gutters do a lot of work in the winter, especially when we have a snowy year. They help the snow melt to drain away from your home’s foundation. If they’re not in good working order, you can end up with water damage from your basement to your attic and everywhere in between.

Some of the repairs we’ve made to homes over the years that could have been prevented with clean gutters include:

  • Water leaks around windows
  • Replacing fascia from deterioration and excess gutter weight
  • Replacing gutters that were bent from the weight of snow and ice
  • Replaced damaged flashing
  • Roof deck replacement
  • Shingles repair and replacement

Snow and Ice Damage

Clean gutters allow the snow and ice to melt and run off your home away from the foundation. Clogged gutters prevent the water from going where it should go. The result is usually ice dams. Did you know that ice can weigh up to 50 pounds per square foot? Your gutters weren’t meant to handle that sort of weight and can pull away from your home causing damage to the fascia and other parts of your roofing system.

If we get a warm day and that water has nowhere to go as it melts, it ends up going up under the edge of your roof into your attic. This can lead to hastened shingle deterioration, roof deck damage, and wet insulation which will need replacing. It’s much cheaper to have your gutters cleaned than to make significant roof repairs.

Let Us Help Before Snow Begins to Fall

Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors is your one call for all your exterior maintenance and repair needs. We will inspect your roofing system, which includes your gutters, before winter and make recommendations for repair to help cut down on water damage to your home. If you need new gutters, we install seamless gutters made on site for a perfect fit and less waste. We can also install quality gutter covers so you’ll never need to worry about clogged gutters again! Call us today at 414-425-5796 to schedule your roofing and gutter inspection. And we also can help with your chimney repair if needed!