It’s been a strange winter. We’ve had rain, snow, ice and lots of freeze thaw cycles. And mostly because of the freeze-thaw cycles we’ve experienced, we’re hearing from customer about roof leaks. Don’t think that just because we’re not experiencing hail or strong winds that your roof can’t sustain damage. In fact, the winter weather can do as much or more damage than summer storms.

How the Freeze-Thaw Cycle Causes Roof Leaks

We all know that water expands as it freezes. When we’re not having freezing temperatures and a you have a small hole in your shingle that fills with water, the water often evaporates before it does damage. However, when we have freezing temperatures and water gets in that same hole and freezes, the hole grows just a little. If the ice melts and then we get a little more snow or rain and freezes again, that hole grows some. After repeated freeze-thaw cycles, your roof leaks.

It’s also common for water to get behind poorly sealed flashing and accumulate. When it freezes there, it pushes the flashing further out. Now you have a larger space for water to get into your home and even if it doesn’t freeze again, you’re looking at water damage and the need for roof repair.

Ice Dams

We’ve covered ice dams several times in our blogs because it is a truly serious issue. Ice dams lead, not only to roof leaks, but also damaged gutters and fascia. Ice dams form from a combination of snowfall, clogged gutters, and a poorly insulated and/or ventilated attic. If you notice your gutters are full of ice and you have icicles hanging from them, you probably have ice dams. Because the ice creeps up the roof as the snow re-freezes, it often forces water under your shingles, bending them and eventually causing a roof leak and damaged shingles.

Unfortunately, we can’t repair your roof properly when there is snow or ice on it. In fact, we can’t even see the extent of the damage until we can see the entire roof. Sometimes we need to add insulation and other times we need to add some ventilation or simply uncover yours. Whether your roof leaks stem from ice dams, loose flashing or a small hole in a shingle, let the professionals at Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors help. We can make a full assessment of the damage. Because we are a full-service exterior company, we can fix the flashing, replace or repair your gutters, add more insulation and take care of the roof. One call and your roof leaks will be a thing of the past. Call us today at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form.