insurance claim repair

No matter the reason for your homeowners’ insurance claim, you have the right to choose the contractor who performs the repairs. A common scam that many homeowners don’t realize is a scam entails a contractor showing up to your home in the aftermath of a hail storm and saying, “Your insurance company sent me to perform your roof repair.” Insurance companies don’t send contractors, they send adjustors. Don’t allow anyone to work on your home until you’ve contacted your insurance company and heard from their adjustor or your agent as to the status of the claim.

Why Choose Your Contractor

Whether the damage is to just your roof or more significant and includes your windows and siding, you have the right to choose your contractor. Although your insurance company may give you recommendations and even send a company to your home to provide you with a quote, you don’t have to accept them as your repair company. You should do your own due diligence and contact a roofing company you know and trust for a second (and if you don’t have a roofer you work with it doesn’t hurt to get a third estimate).

Insurance companies want to make money. When you have a claim, they lose money. Because of this, they often contract with the cheapest roof repair company they can so they can save money. They may appear a good company with the proper licensing and insurance but you should still check for yourself. First, make sure they are local. A local roofing company can provide you with local references. You want someone with a history in the area because if they’ve been servicing the area for any amount of time, they are likely to continue servicing it. A storm chaser comes in, sets up an office, and leaves as soon as the claims are completed. If you use one of these storm chasers and have an issue in the furture, you may end up without anyone to come and fix the problem under a workmanship warranty.

Second, make sure they have a good reputation. There are many sites online that provide unbiased reviews like Google+ (also known as Google My Business), Facebook, Angie’s List, and Houzz. These sites allow customers to leave reviews and owners to respond, but not delete or pick and choose which reviews are published.

Lastly, do a final check. The three final steps you should take before hiring a company are the BBB, insurance, and licensing. When you find a contractor with a good rating from the BBB, current insurance, and proper licensing (when necessary as not all contractor work requires licensing) then you’ve likely found a good home repair contractor.

Call Frank-Dale Exteriors

Frank-Dale Exteriors works with homeowners on insurance claims. You’ll find that we’re local and have a great reputation with our customers. We always carry insurance and licensing and have an excellent BBB rating. Call 414-425-5796 for your free estimate on your insurance claim repairs.