When you notice a stained ceiling, peeling or bubbling paint, or even warped floor or base boards, you likely have water damage. Sometimes it’s obvious where the water is coming into your home but other times it’s not so clear, which is when you need to call a roofing and siding company.

Water Follows the Path of Least Resistance

We tell homeowners this all the time. When they call us and say they have a problem with their windows or siding because they have water on their walls, we listen, but we don’t make the same assumptions. When water gets into your home, it may enter far away from where the water damage is apparent.

Here are some places water gets into your home:

  • Loose or cracked siding
  • Poorly sealed windows
  • Broken or missing chimney cap
  • Worn, missing or deteriorating flashing
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Wind blown rain
  • Damaged fascia
  • Clogged gutters

What Can be Done?

When you call a roofing and siding company, the first thing they should do is look at the water damage in your home. After that, they should do a complete and thorough inspection of your chimney, roofing and siding which may mean going into your attic. Only then should they provide you with an estimate for roof repair, chimney repair or new siding.

The only solution is to stop the source of the water intrusion and repair the damage. A roof leak won’t go away, it will only get bigger and more expensive to repair. Sometimes the damage is the result of a storm. If your roofing and siding company believe this to be the case, they may suggest you call your homeowner’s insurance company and file a claim. If your adjustor agrees, some or all of the repair will be covered by your insurance.

Frank Dale Roofing and Exteriors Can Help

As a chimney, roofing and siding company, you only need to make one call for an estimate for all your repair needs. We can fix or replace all parts of your roofing system and siding. Let us be the company you trust for small repairs or total roof and siding replacement. We can replace your gutters too! Call 414-425-5796 today or fill out our contact form.