roofing company finds flashing issueRoof flashing has two main purposes, both of which help protect your home from water damage. The first is to help water run to the gutters in the valleys of your roof. Secondly, it should be installed around any roof protrusion like chimneys, dormers, skylights, and vents. The image to the left is an example of what happens when you don’t have properly installed flashing around your dormers.

New Roof Accessories

Because of modern technology, many things go on the roof today after construction. Some of the most common are solar panels, satellite dishes, skylights, and electric or solar powered exhaust vents. When you have anything installed on your roof by someone other than a roofing company, you should have your local roofer inspect it to ensure that your roof can still do the job it was intended to do.

home in need of residential roof repairThe flashing will help direct rainwater down the roof. Without flashing the water will eventually make its way into your home. Another common issue that needs to be addressed is if your cable company installer simply drills through the roof to drop their cable into the home. This causes big problems.To the right is an example of damage done by the cable company. The hole grew over time creating a large roof leak. This leak could have been prevented with proper installation techniques. Also, don’t forget if you decide to remove a satellite dish, you need to call a roofer for residential roof repair.

Flashing Requires Proper Installation and Maintenance

Poorly installed flashing is a common place for a roof leak. If you have anything interrupting your roof line, it needs flashing. Sadly, both of the images in today’s blog were from the same home. The initial call was for residential roof repair due to a roof leak. What we found was significant water damage and requiring replacement of a good portion of the roof deck and most of the attic insulation on this side of the home. Because of the extent of the damage from both the cable installer and the poorly installed or maintained flashing, we had to replace the entire roof of the home.

Most Franklin roofing contractors agree that you should have an annual roofing inspection. Your roofer should inspect all aspects of your roof from the inside and out. A thorough roofing inspection entails climbing on the roof, not just glancing at it from the ground. If you haven’t had your roof inspected in the past year, schedule your free inspection with Frank-Dale Exteriors by calling 414-425-5796. We service the areas surrounding Franklin and Greendale as a residential roof repair company and offer chimney repair, roof replacement, and new siding and windows.