Many of the older homes in the area lack the energy efficiency of the newer built homes. Building codes didn’t require ENERGY STAR® rated windows or the current recommendations for insulation in attics or beneath siding. If you’re looking for ways to lower your heating and cooling costs, here are a few things you can do either alone or with the help of a window, siding or roofing contractor.

Check Your Windows

You may think first of your windows when it comes to an energy efficient home. Although sometimes the best solution is replacement windows, we understand that is not always in the budget. If you’re looking for something you can do, check the caulk around your windows. If it’s cracked or has gaps, you should re-caulk your windows. It’s easy and you’ll only need a few tools. Your home improvement store has everything you need and there are many how-to videos online. If your windows have weather stripping, replacing that will make for fewer drafts as well.

Venture into Your Attic

Your attic holds many keys to your home’s energy efficiency. First is your home’s insulation. It may not be in keeping with today’s standards. If yours is not, you can install the proper amount yourself or work with an insulation company or roofing contractor to get yours up to today’s standards. If you choose to call a roofing contractor, have them check your attic ventilation as well. Without proper ventilation hot air can be stuck in the attic and eventually make its way into your home.

While you’re looking around, make sure you don’t see any signs of a roof leak. If you can see light through your attic, you probably have a roof leak. Other signs include dark staining on your roof deck and compacted insulation. You should immediately call for a roof repair.

Siding & Roofing

Your home’s exterior also influences your home’s energy efficiency. Siding that’s not properly affixed to your home can let in drafts. If your shingles have bare spots where the granules have worn off, it’s not providing the solar reflectivity it once did. You should speak with a roofing contractor about a roof replacement and a siding company about repairing yours if you can’t do it yourself.

If you do decide it’s time for new roofing or siding (or both), think carefully about the color. Just like when you wear a dark shirt on a summer’s day your home will be hotter with a dark colored roof and siding. Some roofing is even ENERGY STAR® rated as cool roofing to provide minimal heat absorption into the home.

If you’re looking for one company who can assist with new windows, siding and roofing, call Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors. As a roofing contractor, we can add insulation, make roof repairs or replace your roof. We also offer new window and siding installation. Call us today at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form.