water damage roof leakWe’ve received several calls since the weather warmed up for roof leak repair, some to homes that have recently had a roof replacement. When we arrive and inspect the roof, we quickly realize that the water damage the homeowner sustained isn’t because they have roof damage or a roof leak, it’s because of poor ventilation and insulation. The combination of insufficient insulation and poor attic ventilation allows frost to build up in the attic over the winter and once the frost melts, it becomes water and appears much like a roof leak.

Why Does Frost Build Up?

As you live your day to day lives in your home, you take showers and heat your home. We all know that heat rises. So does moisture. As they rise, they go into your attic. If you don’t have proper ventilation, that warm air and moisture have nowhere to go other than the roof of your attic. When the temperatures are well below freezing, that water vapor freezes on the inside of your roof deck. Over time more and more frost accumulates. Think about old freezers and the layer of frost that happened after many months, it’s the same principle.

How Does the Leak Happen?

There are many possibilities. Often in older homes the insulation settles making it less effective. Another cause is when new insulation is installed, the installer doesn’t know the proper protocol and unintentionally cover the sofit vents in the attic. If your utility bills are exceptionally high compared to your neighbors home of similar you may want to have it looked at. Sometimes roof vents become clogged by bird nests or other animals. If this is your instance, it may happen for the first time this year. Other times soffits, which are a major part of your roofs ventilation, becomes clogged or blocked by shrubbery.

Another possible reason is that you had a roof leak that damaged your insulation but never replaced it. Once insulation becomes wet, it stops working as it should and needs to be replaced. It’s also possible that you’ve had the problem for a long time but up until now the insulation absorbed the water and it didn’t make it onto your ceiling.

What Can I Do to Stop This?

The first thing you need to do is contact your roofing contractor. Roofers have the training to determine how much ventilation your roof needs and add more if yours is insufficient. Some roofing contractors, like Frank-Dale Exteriors, can not only evaluate your ventilation and install additional vents but they can also add insulation. If you’ve had this issue for years, you may need your roof deck repaired or other structural work performed. Frank-Dale Exteriors can help with all your roof repair needs. Call 414-425-5796 or fill out our easy to use contact form for your free evaluation.