As you call different roofing companies and ask for an estimate for your new roof, you should look at the lifetime cost rather than just the bottom line on the estimate. You may find that spending a little more now will give you a roof that lasts longer, lowering your average cost per year. A roof replacement includes more than just new shingles and those other elements can influence the roof’s life expectancy. Here are some things you should know about your roofing system and evaluating its lifetime cost.

Shingles Aren’t Created Equally

Although each manufacturer has a different name for their shingles, there are really only two types of asphalt shingles. First is the 3-tab shingle. They’ve been around for decades and may be what’s on your home today. They look plain and each strip has three tabs, hence the name. You can expect a 3-tab shingle to last anywhere from 10-15 years depending on the weather and installation. Most come with a 20-year warranty, but that warranty is against manufacturing defects not a guarantee the roof will last that long.

Homeowners today more often choose an architectural style shingle. These shingles come in many designs, but have the common trait of overlapping each other in decorative patterns giving a more three-dimensional look. Some even say that architectural shingles look like shake or slate roofing. In addition to the benefit of a nicer look, they also last longer. On average in the greater Milwaukee area you can expect an architectural shingle to last 20 years or more. However, like anything exposed to the elements, that can vary.

Neither Are Installations

There are two methods of installation for a new roof – an overlay or a tear off. An overlay means the roofing company puts the new roof right on top of the old. In a tear off, they tear off the old roof, repair any issues in the roof deck and install new underlayment before starting the re-shingle. When you choose an overlay, your shingles won’t last as long as a tear off. In fact, an overlay may void the 20 – 50 year manufacturer’s warranty.

As you compare roofing estimates, you may find one is significantly less than the others. This usually means that inferior products will be used. Or, it may mean that they’re doing an overlay to avoid the time it takes the crew to tear off the old roof and the associated disposal fees. Of course, some roofing companies just use inferior products, don’t replace your flashing or cut corners in other ways.

If you’re looking for a new roof installed the right way, call Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors. We never cut corners and always use the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation. That means your warranty will remain intact. Plus, we offer our installation warranty covering the installation. Call us today at 414-425-5796 for your free estimate on a new roof for your home or commercial structure.