When you call a few companies for a roof replacement estimate, you’ll find a few things. First, that they vary widely. Second, that their cost seems to be a lot more than just the cost of labor, shingles, nails and underlayment. Third, it’s nearly impossible to compare one company’s roof replacement estimate to another. We’re going to make it as simple for you as possible by explaining what goes into an estimate and why “it costs so much” as many of the people who’ve received quotes from us have said.

Your Roof Replacement Estimate Contains Many Elements

We have hard costs that end up on your roof as well as our soft costs like labor and insurance. Here’s a breakdown of some of what goes into your new roof estimate:

  • Shingles
  • Starter strips
  • Ridge cap shingles and ridge vents
  • Nails
  • Underlayment including ice and water shield
  • Flashing (including around your chimney) and sealant
  • New valleys
  • New roof decking when necessary
  • New stink pipes
  • Labor
  • Disposal fee for debris

And in every quote we include a small percentage of our operating expenses which includes things like liability insurance and our business license.

Estimates Vary Because Roofers Are Different

A roofing company with more experience charges more than someone just starting out. An experienced roofer who has been to the manufacturers for training also charges more. You’re paying for their expertise. When it comes to a roof installation, you want a company who does it right, the first time, so you don’t have to deal with a roof leak on your new roof. Plus, roofing manufacturers don’t honor the warranties on an improperly installed roof.

Some less than ethical roofers include in very small print on your estimate that your final cost may differ from the estimate based on cost to haul away the torn off roof. Some roofers won’t even tear off your old shingles but just do an overlay because it saves them in labor costs and disposal fees. Make sure you’re comparing a total tear off to a total tear off when looking at two different roof replacement estimates. You may also want to ask if there is additional damage found, how will you be notified and billed for the additional materials and time.

Call Frank-Dale for a Fair and Comprehensive Roof Replacement Estimate

Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors believes in doing every job with the highest level of professionalism and honesty. That means when we give you a roof replacement estimate, it includes everything you need for your roof. We can’t warranty old work which is why we make sure everything on your roof is new and will work with the rest of your roof replacement estimate.

You’ll never receive a surprise when we present you with the final bill for the roof installation. Plus, we honor every roof repair and installation with our workmanship guarantee. If you’re looking for an honest roofing company, call Frank Dale Exteriors for your free roof replacement estimate today at 414-425-5796 or fill out our contact form.