snow ice on roofAlthough we had quite a mild spell last week, it’s winter in Wisconsin so we know it’s going to snow again. Few homeowners realize impact that snow and ice can have on roofing. If you want to avoid winter weather damage to your home, you need to understand how snow and ice impacts it and know a good roof repair company.

Snow Load

Snow is heavy, anyone who has every used a shovel knows that. The wetter the snow, the heavier it is. Homes in our area are built to withstand heavy snow loads, but that doesn’t mean you never have to pay attention to your roof. The safe way to remove snow from your roof is to use a snow rake. Don’t scrape down to the shingles but remove the snow to a few inches. Scraping the shingles will damage them. You can also shovel the snow from your roof but the steeper the slope, the more dangerous that is.

Why Removing Snow is Beneficial

The most obvious benefit of removing snow from your roof is to lessen the weight on the roof. Another reason is to take away some of the snow that can form ice dams. Ice dams form when snow on the roof melts during the day and refreezes at night and doesn’t have anywhere to go because gutters are clogged. Ice dams do damage and ice is an additional load on your roof and gutters. It should go without saying that the less snow on your roof, the less water that can get into your home when it melts and you have a roof leak.

Common Places for Roof Leaks After Snow

Snow is different than rain and roof leaks appear differently as a result of snow. Where rain quickly runs down the slope of the roof in the valleys to the gutters. Wet snow or melting snow can moves more slowly and can cause leaks around chimneys, skylights, and other roof protrusions. Because of this, having a trained roof repair company who understands how snow impacts a roof is highly beneficial.

Let Frank-Dale Exteriors Help

If you realize that you have a roof leak during a snow or rain event, Frank-Dale Exteriors can help. Our expert roof repair team knows that roof leaks can occur in many places. We have the tools, training, and team members to perform expert roof repair, masonry repair to your chimney, or just about any other exterior issue you may have. Call 414-425-5796 to schedule your inspection today.