It’s hard to believe winter is coming. The Famers’ Almanac is calling for a “frigid & snowy” winter this year. If your roof isn’t ready to hold the snow fall and protect you from the snowmelt, you might want to consider calling your roofer for a new roof. If you’re unsure if you need a roof replacement or if yours is able to withstand another winter, here are some questions to ask yourself as you look at your roof.

1.      How Old is My Roof?

A 3-tab shingle roof (which is on many of the homes here) lasts no more than 15 years. An architectural style shingle, may last 20. Of course, the weather, maintenance, and your roof’s exposure to the sun can influence how long it will last. Age alone doesn’t determine if it needs replacing.

2.      How Does My Roof Look?

This is when a pair of binoculars comes in handy. You can look at your roof from the ground. The shingles should be evenly aligned, the edges should lay flat and you shouldn’t see any cracks or blisters or significant fading like in the image on this page. If you notice bare patches, missing shingles, curled or bumps in your shingles, you probably need a new roof. Your roofer can provide you with a professional inspection and roof replacement estimate.

3.      How Many Roof Repairs Have I Had?

If your roofer is coming out more frequently and you need them to perform another roof repair, you might want to talk to them about a roof replacement. As the roof ages, the frequency of repairs increases and you will often spend more than you need to by continuing to repair rather than just getting a new one.

4.      Should I See Light Through My Roof Deck?

From inside your attic, your roof deck (the wood your roof affixes your shingles to) should not allow daylight in. There may be some pieces of your roof deck that don’t touch the adjacent one which is okay and allows for expansion and contraction in different temperatures, but you shouldn’t see daylight. That’s the sign of a roof leak and that you need, at the very least, roof repair. If you see water damage, staining or anything else unusual, contact your roofer for an inspection. You may have a roof leak that need attention before winter.

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