Although some signs of a roof leak are easy to spot, others aren’t. If you don’t call a roof repair company in a timely manner, what would have been a simple roof repair, turns into a much more complicated job. As leaks grow, they damage insulation, drywall and even your roof’s structure. It’s a good idea to check your attic regularly for these signs of a roof leak and call your roof repair company if you notice anything unusual.

Musty Smell

If you’re ruled out the obvious reasons for a musty smell in a room, head up to the attic. Look above that room and see if there is water on the roof deck or if the insulation is compacted or wet. A room may smell musty when water has leaked into the ceiling but not yet come through the drywall.

Bubbling Paint

You may think that the paint has just seen better days, but if you touch the bubbling paint, you may realize it’s damp and actually retaining water. If you notice this, get a bucket and hold it beneath the bubbles and pop them to avoid further damage in the room.

Water Coming Under Your Baseboard

Although water that comes out from under your baseboard can be from a leaking window, siding or roofing, your roof is a common cause. This is because water follows the path of least resistance and sometimes that means down your walls until it finds a way out.

Dripping Bathroom Exhaust Vent

Don’t make the assumption that the exhaust vent is dripping from condensation because you forgot to turn it on before your shower. When an exhaust vent or fan’s exhaust pipe is through the roof, sometimes the flashing or seal around it wears out. This leads to a roof leak. You’ll want to turn off the power to that area of the home and call not only your roof repair company but also an electrician.

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