Drafty windows and ones that don’t open or close properly are ready to be replaced. Do you know there are other signs that your windows may not be in good shape? Things like condensation and mildew may mean you need replacement windows or some window maintenance.

What Condensation on Your Windows Means

call a replacement window company when you have aging windowsCondensation can form inside, outside or in between the panes of glass. Condensation on the outside of your windows happens when it’s warm and humid outside and cool in your home. One remedy to try is to RainX the outside of your windows to help prevent it from forming.

Condensation inside your home can be a sign that your windows need some attention or that you just need to make some changes. It’s hard to prevent condensation from forming inside a bathroom during a shower, but by leaving the fan on or opening the window when the weather allows, can cut down on it. If you have several plants near a window and you see condensation, try spreading the plants throughout the home. Plants give off moisture and can cause your windows to fog up. Another cause of condensation inside is poorly sealed windows. Check the caulk on the inside and outside to see if the window is well sealed. If not, remove any cracked or deteriorating caulk and add new.

More worrisome is condensation between the panes. This is a sign that the seal inside the window has failed. There is little that can be done other than calling a replacement window company and getting new windows. If your windows are new, ask about the warranty coverage.

Mildew Signals Trouble Too

Mildew can be the result of condensation or have another cause. When condensation drips down the window it can get caught in the corners and over time grow mildew. Not only is it unsightly but if it is not a result of the condensation, it could be a sign of something more serious. Signs of water damage around your windows can be because the window itself leaks, however, it can also be a roof leak or water coming in through your siding. If your windows has obvious cracks or doesn’t close properly, consider calling a replacement window company like Frank-Dale Exteriors and requesting a quote for new windows.

Because Frank-Dale Exteriors is more than just a replacement window company, they can evaluate many aspects of your home and advise you if the water damage comes from elsewhere. We have roof repair technicians and can install new siding if your issues stem from there. Call 414-425-5796 to schedule your free estimate for new windows, siding, or roofing.