vinyl siding isn't boring anymoreFor a long time vinyl siding was boring, flat looking, and monotone. Thanks to improved manufacturing techniques, better pigmentation, and 3D printing, vinyl siding looks more like real wood siding than ever before. If you’re ready to replace your siding, here are some of the great choices in vinyl siding.

More Than Just Lap Style Siding

Although many homes still choose lap style vinyl siding, it’s not the only choice. In fact, many homeowners choose multiple styles of siding for their home to give it some dimension. Some of the other siding styles offered today include Dutch lap, beaded lap siding, cedar shake, hand cut shake, staggered edge, and half round to name a few. By combining multiple shingle styles, you can truly customize the look of your home’s exterior.

Color Selection

If you look at some of the neighborhoods built in the 90’s you’ll see lots of yellow, tans, pale greens, and grey homes. That’s in part because the builders wanted to choose safe colors and because siding manufacturers had only limited pigment colors that could withstand UV rays without quickly fading. No paint, stain, or vinyl siding is immune to fading from the sun but today’s siding manufacturers offer many more colors with colors that stay true longer. Don’t be afraid to pair a deep grey with a bold blue or a nice yellow with a deep green.

Wood Grain Texture

Old vinyl and aluminum siding were flat and dull. Because of 3D printing technology and manufacturing advances, today’s siding has the look of real cedar. The increased curb appeal is noticeable even from the street giving your home a great look without the maintenance or expense of cedar siding. If you prefer, your siding can look like hand painted wood siding. There are many options for the appearance of your home.

If it’s time for new siding for your home, contact Frank-Dale Exteriors. We install quality siding from Exterior Portfolio. They offer many different colors, styles, and finishes in their Craneboard and vinyl siding, all are perfect for the harsh Franklin area winters and the hot summer sun. Call the siding specialists at 414-425-5796 and they’ll help your choose just the right new siding for your home.