The right shingle color doesn’t jump out at every homeowner immediately. With today’s new color-blend technology shingles, it’s harder than ever to pick a color to properly compliment and top your home. After all, your roof is one of your home’s most visible elements and you don’t want it to stand out like a sore thumb on your home. Here are a few ways to begin finding the right shingle color for your new roof.

Look at Your Current Roof (and Your Neighbors’)

Take a look at the color of your existing roof. Do you love how it compliments your home? What about the houses that are similar to yours in the neighborhood? One of the unwritten rules of choosing a new roof color is to choose something that will compliment your neighborhood. It will benefit you in the long run when you go to sell your home. A roof is a significant investment so you don’t want a prospective home buyer wondering what you were thinking when you chose your new roof.

Consider Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re not changing any other elements on your home, you’ll want to look at your home’s exterior. If your home has lots of neutrals on the exterior, you may want to look at a color blend shingle with a pop of color. Conversely if you have a multi-color stone or brick exterior, you should like stick with a plain and neutral roof color.

Your HOA

If you live in an HOA controlled neighborhood, find out what the rules are for shingle colors and styles. You may find that you’re limited to just a few choices or that your choice is subject to their approval.  Whichever is the case, make sure to get approval before signing the contract with your roofing company or you may be stuck with a return fee on the shingles.

Options Available in the Brand You Want

If you’re set on a specific roofing brand, you’ll want to look at their options. Not all manufacturers offer the same shingle colors. If you’re choosing a specific line of shingles for impact resistance or algae resistance, you may be further limited in your color selection.

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