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Greenfield roofing company and new siding

Frank-Dale Exteriors is more than just a Greenfield roofing company. We offer expert chimney and masonry repair, siding replacement, and trim, all from top notch manufacturers with excellent service. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal with an exterior makeover.


Did you know that the population of Greenfield grew almost 30% between 1970 and 1980? Home construction in the area exploded and many homes likely need their second roof replacement by now. A roof replacement is never a small job but when it’s the second time a new roof is installed, the process is different. Code states that after there are two layers of shingle on a roof that both layers must be removed before new shingles are installed. A roof tear-off is a more time consuming process but comes with a few benefits. Completely removing all the shingles exposes the roof deck. Issues in the deck can be seen clearly and all or part can be replaced. Installing your new shingles on a well-maintained roof deck is just one advantages of a tear-off.

Frank-Dale Exteriors installs many brands and styles of shingles. We will help you choose the right shingle for your home’s style, color, and roof-line. We fully inspect the roof prior to providing you with a quote. If it’s not time for a roof replacement, we will provide whatever roof repairs are necessary to keep your home safe and dry. If you have a chimney, we’ll also make any recommendations for chimney repair from installing a new chimney cap to masonry repair.

Replacement Siding

New siding does more than just improve your home’s curb appeal, it can help your home be more comfortable and quieter too. Some new siding comes insulated another option is to add a layer of insulation to the exterior of your home for increased comfort. New siding is stronger and with better insulation also makes your home’s interior quieter.

And More!

We have expert masons to provide you with chimney repair. If you need a new chimney cap, flashing or trim for your home, we can install that too. Our team makes seamless gutters on site for a perfect fit and can install gutter protection to help keep leaves and debris out so you won’t have to clean your gutters.

No matter what your home improvement needs are, let Frank-Dale Exteriors be your one call. As a top Greenfield roofing company we offer so many excellent services we can be your one call. Let us help you get started today by calling 414-425-5796.


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