A roof replacement is a big investment and one you’ll likely be living with for years. Although your roofing company can make recommendations for a good color or style roof, ultimately, it’s your decision. Before you regret your choice, you should try the roof visualizers from the various manufacturers whose shingles you’re considering.

Why Roof Visualizers Help

You can look at a picture of a shingle on a white background all day but that won’t help you picture it on a house. Sometimes a roofing company can show you images of the same shingle they (or other roofers) installed on another home. If that home doesn’t have a similar style or similar color scheme to yours, it may not give you a good idea of what it will look like on your home.


Although not all manufacturers offer roof visualizers for all their products, most do. Here are a few of them that may help you choose a manufacturer, style and color.


Altas roofing companyAtlas’s roof visualizer has two options, you can either use an image of your own home or one of their sample homes. If you want to use your own home, you can either use Google street view or upload a photo of your home. From there you can choose from their basic tools or upgrade to their ProView where one of their design experts will help you choose the best option. You can also change siding and other elements on your home with their tool. One benefit of starting off with their sample homes is that the images are higher quality and the shingles look more realistic. You can click here to access their Atlas roof visualizers.


certainteed roofingLike Atlas, CertainTeed’s roof visualizer tool helps you with more than just your roof. Again, you can choose from their sample homes or upload a photo of your own home. Of the roof visualizers we’ve used, we find this one a bit harder to use when you upload your own photo, especially if you have dormers or other irregular roofing lines. The preloaded homes are quite easy and because you can change the siding as well, you can likely create a home with similar siding colors if you’re only replacing your roof. They also offer custom services at no charge. Click here for their tool.

Owens Corning

owens corning shinglesDESIGNEyeQ from Owens Corning is the easiest to use. You can quickly upload an image of your home and start clicking on the different shingle colors and styles offered by Owens Corning. If their tool doesn’t quite get the roof right, you can easily edit it. They also allow you to highlight and change your siding color as well, but that will take a little work. Like the other roof visualizers, you can use their stock images and make changes on those. Access DESIGNEyeQ here.

Of course, Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors is happy to help you either use the tools or choose the right option for your home. We have vast experience in helping homeowners choose the right new roof, siding and windows and are ready to help you. Call us today for your free quote for your new roof and help with choosing the right brand, style and color. Reach us at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form.