If you’re trying to decide between a roof repair and a roof replacement, today’s blog should help. Sometimes it’s clear that a roof replacement is the only logical path, while other times you can repair it but it might not be the best choice. Here are three questions to ask when trying to decide between a roof repair and replacement.

1.      Does the Rest of My Roof Have Good Remaining Life?

Sometimes an issue with your roof is due to a tree branch rubbing on it or a bad decision to mount Christmas decorations directly into the roof’s surface, which results in the need for roof repair. If your roof damage is contained to one area, it likely makes good sense to repair the problem and keep your current roof. However, if you’ve made multiple repairs and your roofer tells you they foresee many more in the coming months to the upcoming year, you might want to weigh the benefits of a roof replacement over spending more on roof repair.

2.      Can a Repair Truly Solve the Problem?

Sometimes a roof repair will stop a roof leak but you’ll still have other issues like a deteriorating roof deck or dry rot. If the repair can’t really solve the problem but instead provides a temporary fix, you’re wasting your money with that repair. Consider a roof replacement instead, the benefits will outweigh the cost in the long run.

3.      Do I Trust My Roofer’s Recommendation?

If you have gotten several quotes and one roofer recommends a total roof replacement and the others recommend a roof repair, you’ll have to decide which roofer you trust. Not all roofing companies are ethical or locally owned and operated so they don’t always care about their reputation in the community. Some are storm chasers who will make your issue bigger than it is to try to collect your insurance claim money.

Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors is a locally owned and operated roofing company. In fact, our name comes from Franklin and Greendale because those were the communities we started out serving. We now offer all our services to the entire area. You can trust us to give you an honest evaluation of your roofing system and let you know why we recommend a roof replacement over repair if that’s the case. Call us at 414-425-5796 for your free inspection and estimate today.