roof repair mequon

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time proving roofing services in Mequon. We love the community and the views of Lake Michigan. We’re spending time there because the age of the majority of the homes are just right for needing roof repair. Many homes built in the 70’s during the first building boom are on coming close to needing a third roof. Other homes built during the boom of the late 90’s and early 2000’s are close to needing their first roof replacement. Anytime a roof comes close to needing a roof replacement, we see more calls for roof repair.

Common Signs You Need Roof Repair

There are the obvious signs you need roof repair like a roof leak. We recommend having regular roofing inspections to prevent roof leaks because regular inspections identify small problems before they become big leaks. Some signs of impending roof repair are:

  1. Missing, bent, or miss-aligned shingles – Any of these mean that portion of your roof is not protected, as it should be. When your shingles aren’t doing their job, water more easily penetrates your roof deck leading to a leak.
  2. Stains on the ceiling or interior walls – Dark spots or stains on your ceiling almost always signal a roof leak. Because water follows the path of least resistance, stains on your walls, especially around your baseboard, could also mean a roof leak.
  3. Cracking boots – Boots and flashing around roof protrusion are a prime location for roof leaks. If you notice the rubber boots around vents are cracked or deteriorating, call Frank-Dale Exteriors, your Mequon roofer and get them repaired immediately.
  4. Attic issues – There are many signs you need roof repair that can be seen only from inside your attic, one being light coming through the roof. Another is sagging roof deck (although this may mean a roof replacement rather than just roof repair). Finally, wet insulation, because if your insulation is wet or compacted, it’s likely you have a roof leak.

More than Just a Mequon Roofer

Many of the homeowners we visit called because they needed a roofer but learned we do so much more. If you need roof repair or replacement in Mequon, Greendale, Franklin, or the surrounding areas, we can help. However, keep in mind that we also provide chimney repair, masonry services, new siding, and replacement windows. Call Frank-Dale Exteriors today for your no obligation inspection and quote at 414-425-5796.