Depending on the building’s construction, residential and commercial roofing may be very different or have some similarities. The big differences in roofing comes down to the slope of the roof and the maintenance. No matter what the building, the roof’s purpose remains the same – to protect the people and belongings inside.

Roofing Design or Slope

When you look at buildings in your town you likely notice that they have different roof lines. Some are steep, some you can’t see the roof from ground level. This is due to the roof’s slope. Many churches, for example, often have steep slope roofing with metal or asphalt shingles much like area homes. However, a warehouse often has a flat roof with a roofing material specifically made for flat roofing. If you’re wondering why the differences, it is primarily due to the slope of the roof.

The slope or angle of the roof makes certain roofing materials better. For example, a steep slope roof, meaning one with a slope of more than 3:12 pitch or that rises more than three inches over a foot, can have metal, tile, asphalt, shake or slate roofing. A low slope roof is a 2:12 pitch and a flat roof is just that, flat. Flat roofing materials include EPDM, TPO, Mod-Bit and several other materials. Low slope roofing can have most flat roofing materials as well as metal roofing.

Maintenance Differences

The maintenance differences are influenced by the material, not whether it’s on a residential or commercial building. All roofing can benefit from an annual roofing inspection. A maintenance inspection helps ensure your roof is in good condition. Your roofing company can perform minor repairs during a roofing inspection like fix loose flashing or reseal an area around a vent. These can prevent a roof leak from developing which requires a more involved repair.

However, flat roofing, because it often has equipment and, therefore, more foot traffic sometimes requires more frequent inspections. We recommend that any time you have a new piece of equipment installed or removed from the roof, that you call for a roofing inspection.

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