No one wants to replace their roof. It’s expensive, it’s loud and it can be inconvenient, however, if you know you need a new roof, you shouldn’t put it off until spring. Replacing a roof before the first snowfall can save your personal property from damage, you from frustration and also keep more money in your pocket. Here are five reasons to replace your roof before winter.

1.      The Freeze-Thaw Cycle Makes Leaks Bigger

If one of the reasons you know you should replace your roof before winter is that you have a small roof leak, the freeze-thaw cycle will only make that small hole bigger. When water gets in it and freezes, the water enlarges the hole. The larger the hole, the more water gets in. You don’t want more water to damage your insulation and possibly damage drywall in your ceilings or walls.

2.      Leaks Can’t be Repaired When Snow is on Your Roof

When the leak gets big enough that you know you have to at least repair it before spring and there’s snow or ice on your roof, your roofing contractor will tell you that they’ll have to wait for the next melt. As the snow and ice melts, more water will end up in your home.

3.      Roof Replacements Shouldn’t Be Done at or Below Freezing

There are a few reasons. First, the shingles are brittle and they can break when nailed in freezing temperatures. Second, the shingles seal together under the sun’s heat. It has to be over about 40 degrees for that to happen.

4.      Spring Can be Busy for Roofers

Depending upon when you contact your roofing contractor you may end up waiting weeks or months for your roof replacement. When you replace your roof before winter, you don’t have to worry about strong winds or heavy spring rains leading to a roof leak.

5.      You May Save on Heating Costs

Today’s architectural shingles are more insulative. That means that you may spend less on your heating costs over the winter.

If you know you need a new roof, don’t put off calling Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors. We’ll make sure that we replace your roof before winter so you can enjoy the benefits of a sound, properly installed roofing system. Call 414-425-5796 or fill out our contact form today.