If you’re a landlord with one or many rental properties, you likely have many trades people who you call regularly for service or maintenance. You should also have a roofer you trust to provide regular roofing inspections, maintenance and repair. Because your tenants don’t have much interest in the upkeep of the home, they’re probably not paying attention to the roof. Here are some of the benefits of working with one roofer on your rental properties.

Lower Overall Repair Costs

When you have a roofer who provides regular roofing inspections, once or twice a year, to your rental properties, they can spot an issue before it becomes a major problem. It’s a lot less expensive to replace a few damaged shingles and perhaps some wet insulation than to deal with significant water damage in the home.

Evaluate Damage

If your tenants call you to report an issue with the roof and claim they have no idea what happened or how it happened, your roofer can figure it out. They’ll likely be able to tell if the tenant attached a satellite dish or holiday decoration which caused the damage. They will know if it’s an insurance claim due to a storm. Roofing inspections can pay for themselves by getting your claim covered if it is storm damage.

Better Planning

Historically tenants are harder on properties than homeowners. As a landlord, you know you’ll probably have to replace the carpet more regularly in your rental than you would at home. However, this doesn’t apply to roofing. Because of that, you might want to be able to plan for a roof replacement as it’s a significant investment. A good roofing company can provide an estimate on remaining life of your property’s roof. They can likely also give you a general idea of what a new roof would cost if you’re nearing the end of life of your current roof.

Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors offers roofing inspections, maintenance and repair to single and multi-tenant housing. We can help keep your properties’ roofs in good condition and lower your overall repair costs with scheduled inspections and on call services. If you need a roofer you trust for your home or rental properties, call us today at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form.