roofing companies replace townhome roofsIf you’re a condominium association or town home HOA, at some point you’re going to need a new roof for your properties. Not all roofing companies know how to work with associations or are willing to. We are happy to not only work with building associations but we have a process. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible on your residents. Happily, under normal circumstances, a roof replacement is not a regular expense. Here’s how we help multi-tenant roof replacements go smoothly.

Typical Process

During our initial meeting we’ll evaluate the current roofs’ condition. Because most buildings were built in phases, we’ll look at which ones are most in need of a roof replacement. We’ll then discuss what you’re looking for in your new roof in regard to warranty, brand, style, and color. At that point, we’ll leave to come up with your quote and an implementation timeline and plan.

Depending what you indicated in the timeline and the size of the project, we’ll likely have several phases. We won’t request payment for the whole project. Our payment schedule will be based on the portions of the job we complete. Although the cost of roofing has recently increased, we will guarantee our price for the scheduled duration of the project so you and your board won’t have any surprises during the contract – few roofing companies will do this.

Things to Discuss

Roofing doesn’t maintain itself. Although we offer a worry-free installation guarantee and all shingle manufacturers cover the materials, that doesn’t mean you won’t need repair over the years. One way to avoid costly assessments is to consider a maintenance program that includes regular minor repair. If you and your board feel this would be beneficial, we can discuss what our maintenance and repair programs cover and what they exclude.

You’ll also want to talk with the residents about implementation timeline. Although we do what we can to avoid delays, there will be reasons (like the weather) for them. We will do everything possible to remain on schedule. If we need access to an attic, we’ll let you know as soon as we know so you can notify the property owners. This is most often for repair to the structure that has significant water damage.

Being part of an association board or the management company comes with many responsibilities. We want to make a roof replacement as easy as possible on you and your residents. Our experience in this sort of project gives us an advantage over many roofing companies. If you need a roof replacement or roof repair for your multi-tenant structure, call Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors today at 414-519-1260 or fill out our contact form.