Every so often we find a roofing situation that has to be shared. Sometimes it’s because we find that another roofing company didn’t do the job right and other times it’s just an unbelievable situation. This one falls into both categories. If the roofing installer – this roof was installed in 2016 – had followed manufacturer recommendations, chances are, this would not have happened. What is this roof damage you ask? Raccoons.

Raccoons may be known for getting into trash cans and pet food, but they’re much more sinister. One of their favorite places to raise their young is in your attic and what you’re seeing in this picture is some early destruction a raccoon did to a relatively new roof. Luckily this homeowner does what we recommend which is to regularly walk around his home and look at the roof for signs of roof damage. Although, we’ll admit, it’s more often from storms.

Signs of Roof Damage from Pests

This image is one example of a raccoon’s roof damage, they aren’t the only creature who will take refuge in your attic if they can find a way in. If you see a hole in your soffits, fascia or roof itself, any animal can access your attic and live there. Bees and wasps, squirrels, mice, raccoons and other rodents are especially common. If you have electric, cable or any other wire coming into your home through your roof, pay careful attention to that area. If the seal used by the installer fails, you have an entry point for pests.

Perhaps one of the most disgusting signs is when you notice a stain on your ceiling. You may assume you have roof damage and call your roofer. Upon inspection, he tells you the roof does have some damage but the stain on your ceiling isn’t from water but rather that you have animals living in your attic. What you’ve assumed is a water stain is actually their waste.

What Can You Do to Prevent Pests in Your Home?

The best thing to do is have your roofing company inspect your roof regularly and handle maintenance like resealing flashing or areas around wires that go into the attic. Their inspection may uncover a small issue that a raccoon or other pest could take advantage of if not attended to. Proper maintenance and prompt roof repair will help keep not only the pests out but prevent water damage to your home.

Another bit of advice we give homeowners is to trim back trees. Trees are like bridges for pests. They can easily get onto your roof if there are tree branches nearby. We also remind homeowners that when branches rub on the roof on a breezy day that they’re damaging the shingles by removing granules.

Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors Can Help

If you know you have a rodent living in your attic, make sure to contact a removal service. If you notice roof damage but don’t know if it’s age, storm or pest related, call us and we’ll be able to tell. We’ll perform a detailed roofing inspection and inform you of any necessary roof repair or recommended maintenance. Call us today at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form today for your free estimate.