roofing systembkYour roofing system is comprised of more than just the shingles on your roof. When you think about preparing your roofing for fall, you want to consider your entire roofing system.

Understanding your Roofing System

Your roofing system is everything that works together to keep your roof protecting your home as it should. That means the shingles, underlayment, roofing deck, soffits, fascia, and gutters and their covers. When your gutters are clogged, rainwater backs up onto your roof causing bent shingles and deteriorates your underlayment and roofing deck. If your soffits aren’t in good condition, your home has entry points for pests to nest for the winter which can cause a myriad of damages.

How to Best Prepare Your Roof for Fall

  1. Clean your gutters and install gutter covers – clean gutters help the rainwater flow down the gutters and away from the house. Gutters covers help prevent leaves from accumulating and with gutter covers you’ll never have to clean your gutters again.
  2. Clean your roof – by removing debris from the roof, you prevent it from accumulating in your gutters. You can also prevent staining and streaking on your shingle that occur when debris decays on them. A clean surface will help your roof last longer and look better.
  3. Inspect your soffits and fascia – you want to make sure that there are no openings to your home for pests, big or small. If you find issues with either, contact your local roofing contractor for repairs. Small repairs now will prevent big issues later.
  4. Inspect your roof – using binoculars from the ground is a great way to look at your roof’s surface without climbing on it. If you notice bent, curled, or even missing shingles, you want to call a roofer for roof repairs. Once you have completed your outside inspection, go into your attic and look for signs of water. Streaking and mold are signs of water leaking into the home. Be sure to look at your insulation too, if water has penetrated your roof, your insulation will also need to be replaced.

If it’s been more than a year since you had a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof, you should consider calling yours. Only a trained roofer with experience can truly see issues with your roofing system and make repairs before winter sets in. Your roof is what protects your home and family and it’s best to make sure it is in top condition before the snow and ice begin accumulating on it. If you don’t have a trusted roofer, contact Frank-Dale Exteriors. They handle all aspects of exterior home improvement and repairs. Call today to schedule your inspection – 414-425-5796