Whether your plan for 2021 is for a total exterior makeover or you’re looking to simply upgrade one of your home’s exterior elements, it’s time to start planning. From roofing and gutters, to windows and siding and everything in between, its best to have a plan. As a local siding, window and roofing company, we want you to know a few things about each element of your home’s exterior.


During the winter, assuming we have snow, watch your roof. The snow should remain on your roof consistently until the temperature gets above freezing. If you notice that one area melts quickly (and not because of the sun), you may have an issue with your insulation. Ice dams are another sign of an insulation issue although poor ventilation is another reason they form. Tell your roofing company about things you noticed over the winter when you call them for your roofing inspection or roof replacement estimate in the new year.

Gutters & Trim

If you did have ice dams, your gutters may no longer be properly affixed to your home. Although you may be able to reattach them, you want your roofing company to make sure that snow melt and rain didn’t run behind your gutters leading to fascia damage. If your gutters have leaks or holes, ask for a quote for new gutters. If you have wood trim, it’s essential to inspect it regularly and keep it painted to prevent rot. Once the maintenance becomes too tedious or rot begins, ask about metal trim options.


If your chimney sweep doesn’t also perform chimney repair, some roofing companies do. You need an exterior company who has a mason on staff to properly repair mortar. The benefit of working with your roofing company is that they can make sure that the flashing is also in good condition. Worn or poorly sealed flashing is a leading cause of roof leaks.


There are many reasons to change your siding. Some homeowners replace their siding to reduce their homes maintenance. Others want a new look for their home. One often overlooked benefit is that when you choose either an insulative home wrap underneath your new siding or a siding with a higher R-value, you will also have a more energy efficient and comfortable home.


Replacement windows offer some of the same benefits as new siding. Most homeowners replace theirs because of the energy efficiency benefits. However, if you’re considering new windows, also look at how changing the style or color can impact the overall look of the house. Keep in mind if you’re planning on replacing both your siding and windows in 2021, you may want to get a quote from the same company to have them done together as there are cost benefits for replacing them together.

Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors offers comprehensive exterior remodeling services. We also offer roofing and chimney repair including to fascia, insulation and soffits. If you want the ease of working with just one company in 2021 for all your exterior home improvements, call us at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.