If you’re looking at renovating your home’s exterior, new siding is a great place to start. As a siding installation company, we hear from homeowners with drafty homes, increasing energy bills and who just don’t think their home looks very nice anymore. If any, or all, of those are reasons you may be considering an exterior makeover, here are some reasons winter is a fine time to work with a siding installation company and get new siding.

Start Saving on Heating Bills Now

Chances are good that your home doesn’t have an insulative wrap beneath your siding. It’s also likely that your current siding keeps your home draftier than it needs to be. A few benefits of new siding are that either you can choose siding with built in insulation or your siding installation company can install an insulative home wrap beneath your new siding. Either way, your home will be more energy efficient. You’ll also notice that its less drafty. You may even notice that rooms that were previously cooler than other rooms are the same temperature.

Wait Times are Shorter

Because many homeowners mistakenly assume that the milder months are the right times for new siding, you typically won’t see as long a wait time from when you sign a contract to the installation date. Not only will your siding installation company have better availability, manufacturers have more readily available product. Skip the spring and summer lines and call for your free quote now. The only reason there might be a delay from your expected installation is weather, which can happen any time of year.

Protect Your Home

Your home is your biggest investment. When water can get in through small cracks in your old siding or worse, pests, your home is vulnerable. Water can do significant damage. When water gets in, it can lead to warped flooring, mold and mildew in the drywall and even ruin your insulation. Pests looking for a warm place to live may leave their droppings, discarded food or chew wiring which can be dangerous. Don’t let your damage siding cost you more by neglecting signs you need to replace it.

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