new siding Frank Dale ExteriorsAs spring approaches and you look at your home, do you think about your siding and wonder if new siding can improve your home in more than just a visual way? It can. Today’s siding differs from that made just ten years ago in many ways helping your home not only look better but be more energy efficient and require less maintenance with more durability.

Looks and Resale

For most homeowners, the look of their home is something they take pride in. New siding can improve how your home looks. Today’s manufacturing processes allows for vinyl siding to look more like real wood siding and come in many different styles and patterns. This helps your home stand out because of its beauty rather than another reason. It also comes in more colors that stay truer longer. If you don’t like your faded vinyl siding, learn how today’s siding keeps its color on average for 25 years.

Of course, you may not be looking at selling your home anytime in the near future, but it’s something to consider. When a buyer has a choice between a home with current energy efficient siding and older faded siding, they’re going to choose the new siding every time. Remodeling Magazine ranks new siding as one of the best bests in home improvement year after year boasting about a 75% ROI.

Energy Efficiency

If your home feels drafty or you can hear the wind against your siding, chances are good you need replacement siding. Older siding doesn’t have the R-value of today’s siding. When your siding isn’t properly affixed to your home it lets water in which can ruin your insulation making it less effective. When wind comes through your siding it feels drafty. When you choose a siding with an insulative house wrap, you will feel the difference all year round and see it in your utility bills.j

Less Maintenance

Maintenance is something no homeowner looks forward to. If you have wood siding and are tired of scraping and painting, consider new vinyl siding for less maintenance. If you already have vinyl but it becomes dirty and mildewed quickly, you’ll find that changes in technology help repel dirt and mildew better on new siding.

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