It’s the new year. Perhaps you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to keep up with your home maintenance this year. Although there are plenty of things you can do for yourself (change those HVAC filters and smoke alarm batteries), there are others that you probably want the help of a home improvement contractor. Here are some of the services we offer that may help you check off some of your home maintenance tasks this year.

Chimney Repair

You may have a company that performs your regular cleanings, but what about the outside? Did you know that you need to have the exterior inspected and maintained as well? As a home improvement contractor, one of our services is masonry work including repair. And, because we’re also a roofing company, we can also replace or repair any worn flashing around the chimney to prevent roof leaks.

Complete Roofing Services

The vast majority of calls we get as a home improvement contractor are for roof repair needs. Our skilled team of roofing inspectors will find the source of your leak and make the necessary repairs. Not all roofing companies can say that, many just cover up the problem without complete repair leading to more issues down the road. We stand behind all our roof repair work with our workmanship guarantee.

Of course, if the time has come that you need a new roof, we can help with that too. We offer many leading brands of roofing materials including Owens Corning, Atlas and CertainTeed as well as other brands.

Your Siding

We don’t provide pressure washing for your dirty siding and it’s something you may want to do. If while you’re cleaning off the mold and mildew you notice cracks or dents in your siding or realize you’re not going to re-paint your home again, you may want to consider new siding.

New siding isn’t maintenance, rather it is an investment in your home. If your home feels drafty, if you hear banging on the side of your home on a windy night, chances are that your home could benefit from new siding. Not only will we install an insulative house wrap to improve your home’s energy efficiency before installing your new siding, but with today’s products, your home will require less maintenance and look better.

Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors wants to be the home improvement contractor you call for all your home’s exterior needs. From small chimney or roof repair to complete roof and siding replacement, you can count on our team to use the highest quality products and do the job per the manufacturer’s and industry best practices. Call us today at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form for your free estimate.