This is the time of year that we her from homeowners who suspect their chimney is leaking. That’s because when there has been rain or snow and then a freeze-thaw cycle or two, small cracks get bigger and water finds its way into your home. The good news is that chimney repair is possible. However, a leaking chimney isn’t always actually the chimney itself. Here are three common ways water gets in and looks like an issue with a chimney. Only one actually is.

Cracked Mortar

Cracks in mortar are hard to spot from ground level. However, if you have water in your fireplace that is a slow drip and appears a few days after the rain stops or snow melt begins, that is a sign that the leaking chimney is actually an issue with the mortar. Of course, if you have pieces of mortar that have fallen off or cracks you can see from the ground, you need to call a chimney repair company.

Damaged or Broken Chimney Cap

Water in your fireplace during the rain or as the snow is melting often means your chimney cap needs replacing. The purpose of the chimney cap is to keep the water from running directly into your chimney but still allowing the smoke out of the fireplace. You can call a roofing company or chimney repair company to handle replacing your chimney cap. Often they must be special ordered but the repair company can put a tarp on your chimney to prevent further water damage.

Loose or Leaking Flashing

This is perhaps the most common cause of what appears to be a leaking chimney. The flashing goes a few inches up your chimney and then down underneath the shingles. It adds a layer of water protection around the base of the chimney and other roof protrusions like dormers. Flashing can’t keep the water out unless it’s properly sealed. Sealant wears out over time. This is one reasons that an annual roofing inspection is worth the investment. A roofing inspection can identify unsealed or poorly sealed flashing before a water leak begins along with other potential issues with your roof.

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