exterior remodeling company renovationYour home’s exterior ages just like the inside of your home. If you’ve already repainted inside and replaced your carpets, it might be time to consider looking at your home’s exterior and working with an exterior remodeling company on the outside. Not only will your home look better but it will be more energy efficient and comfortable.

If you’re trying to decide if it’s time for some exterior remodeling, go outside and look around. Is your siding an eyesore? Do you notice missing shingles from your roof? Is the masonry cracked or falling away from your chimney? All of these are signs it’s time to call an exterior remodeling company and start the conversation.

Benefits of an Exterior Makeover

Yes, you and your neighbors will see the benefits because your house will look better but there are other benefits you’ll see. New siding and replacement windows can both improve your home’s energy-efficiency. When you install new siding, your siding company will include an insulative wrap. This is included in all new home construction but older homes don’t generally have any exterior insulation.

Old windows can be responsible for as much as 30% of your home’s energy loss. Replacement windows not only lower heating and cooling costs but make your home less drafty and more comfortable. New windows with Low-E glass also reduce UV exposure in your home which prevents fading of furniture and flooring.

Although a roof replacement may not seem a way of modernizing your home, shingle technology has advanced greatly in the past decade. New architectural shingles provide more insulation to the home, last longer, and when you choose an ENERGY STAR® rated color, it can lower your cooling costs. Today’s shingles are also available with wind ratings and impact resistance.

Your chimney should be inspected regularly. If your chimney company doesn’t repair masonry, you want to work with an experienced masonry repair company before the temperatures drop. Repairing the masonry on your chimney will make it look better but also makes your chimney safer.

Where to Start

If you don’t have one company you trust for your roof replacement and repair needs, new siding, windows and chimney repair, call Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors. Our teams can help you with a total makeover or advise you which part of your home needs updating first and then continue working with you until you love how your home looks and feels. Call 414-519-1260 or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you to schedule your free appointment and estimate.