new windows in Franklin WIMany homeowners are unsure of the best time to install new windows in their home. No matter when you’ve stumbled across this blog, we can assure you that now is the perfect time to replace your windows.

Replacement Window Installation Facts

There are many misunderstandings about the process of installing new windows. We want to help you understand the facts and why anytime is the right time for new windows.

  1. Whole house window replacement generally takes about a day – From start to finish we are usually in and out of your home in just one day. If you’ve moved furniture away from the windows and our installers have access it’s a fairly quick process.
  2. One window at a time – We replace your windows one at a time. That means that a window is removed and the new one is installed, minimizing the time your home is open for heat to enter or escape your home. On average, the opening has no window for about ten minutes.
  3. New windows save money – Your new windows can only start saving you money after they are installed. By choosing an EnergyStar® rated window, you can cut your utility costs and the strain on your HVAC system, helping it to last longer.
  4. Replacement windows save time – Today’s windows have tilt in sashes for easy cleaning. Double and triple pane styles don’t require storm windows so you don’t have to install and remove them in the fall and spring. Vinyl windows never need to be scraped or painted.

Other Benefits of New Windows

New windows look great from both the inside and outside. When you install replacement windows your home can have a fresh new look. Today’s windows come in a variety of styles and colors so you can make your home look truly unique. Because they don’t need to be painted each window has a consistent look.

Many times the complaints we hear from homeowners about their old windows are that they don’t open anymore or won’t stay open without being propped up. That’s not how windows are supposed to work. One of the reasons we have windows in our home is to let in fresh air, windows that won’t open certainly don’t provide that benefit.

Another common comment about older windows is that they are drafty. New vinyl windows seal better than old wood or metal frame windows. If you have a window opening that is not a standard size, vinyl windows come in custom sizes to fit exactly in the opening.

In short replacement windows will save you time and money. If it’s finally time for new windows in your home, call Frank-Dale Exteriors today and we’ll provide you with a no obligation estimate for your new vinyl windows. We can be reached through our contact form or at 414-425-5796