Many people mistakenly think that that roof damage only happens in strong summer storms. However, ice and snow damage roofs just as much as summer storms, just in a different way. Even if your roof was in good repair going into winter, you should still be aware of how winter storms can damage roofing and signs to look for that you need to call a roof repair contractor.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common occurrence in Franklin, Greendale, New Berlin and the surrounding areas. Many homes have either insufficient insulation or poor ventilation, two causes of ice dams. Clogged or poorly draining gutters can also lead to ice damming. Your roof repair contractor can evaluate your gutters, insulation and ventilation to see if a small change could reduce the chance of an ice dam forming in the future as well as make repairs to any damage.

Ice dams not only damage shingles, but also your gutters. An ice dam can pull the gutter away from the home and once melting starts, the water can run behind your gutters damaging your fascia. Shingle damage is common not only at the edge of the roof but as far up the roof as the ice dam grows. When shingles are lifted and ice and water get underneath, that water eventually melts and can turn into a roof leak.

What to Look for When the Snow & Ice Melt

Snow and ice melting aren’t, in themselves, dangerous. What’s dangerous is the freeze-thaw cycle that we often experience. This cycle can lead to significant damage to your shingles. After the snow melts off your roof, look for lifted, curled or bent shingles. This often means that water got underneath the shingles and froze. We all know that when water freezes, it expands. This can lead to lifted shingles, especially if the process repeats itself day after day because each freeze lifts the shingles a bit more. That means that the next day there was slightly more space for water to get into and when it froze again, the shingle was lifted or bent more. Over several days (or even the whole winter) this can lead to significant roof damage.

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