Few people realize that better roofing means their HVAC works less. This is true in both summer and winter. And, just like your HVAC is a system made up different parts that require regular maintenance, all the elements your roofing system should be regularly maintained.

If you doubt the relationship between your roof and air conditioner this summer, go up into your attic. You’ll notice it’s hot. The hotter the air in your attic, the hotter your home and the more your air conditioning runs. So, what can you do about your attic to help reduce the strain on your AC for the rest of the summer and years to come? Here are three suggestions.

1.      Keep Your Roof Properly Maintained

Even a small roof leak allows water into your attic. Once your insulation gets wet, it becomes inefficient. Although may people think of their insulation as something that keeps the heat in their home (which is true), it also keeps the heat out of their home. With regular roofing inspections and proper maintenance, your insulation and entire roofing system will protect your home not only from rain but also from heat and cold.

2.      Add the Right Amount of Insulation

If your home was built before the mid-80’s, you probably don’t have enough insulation in your attic. You also likely don’t have insulated siding or an insulative house wrap (more about your siding later). A simple measurement of your attic’s insulation will tell you if your home will benefit from additional insulation. Here’s a link to the current recommendations.

3.      Choose ENERGY STAR® Rated Roofing for Your Roof Replacement

Today’s shingle manufacturers recognize the fact that homeowners want an energy efficient home. They have developed better roofing including Cool Roofing which meet the ENERGY STAR requirements. If a cool roofing product is out of your budget, choose a lighter color architectural shingle rather than a dark 3-tab shingle. Architectural shingles are more insulative and the lighter the color, the more of the sun’s rays will be reflected.

Although your siding isn’t part of your roofing system, if you do need new siding or want to improve your home’s curb appeal and are considering new siding, look at either insulated siding or an insulative house wrap. Both will help reduce your heating and cooling costs and make your home feel more comfortable. Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors offers better roofing and siding solutions that meet the current guidelines. We can also determine if you have adequate attic insulation and make recommendations. Call us today for your roof repair, replacement or new siding – 414-425-5796 or fill out our contact form.