We’re fortunate that we don’t experience hurricanes or tornados, however, we still experience roof damaging weather. In fact, the ice and snow we get in winter can do as much harm as a hurricane. If you’re not familiar with how to do your own roofing inspection and how you can discover roof damage before it does much damage inside your home, keep reading.

Thing to Look for That Indicate Roof Damage – From the Outside

It’s not always necessary to climb a ladder to perform an inspection. Sometimes using binoculars or just looking with your eyes can reveal if you have an issue. As you look at your roof, your shingles should be in straight lines. If you notice that they are misaligned, you have an issue and should call your roofer. Another easy to spot sign of roof damage is missing shingles.

If everything looks good from the ground and you’re not able to see your entire roof from there, consider looking out the window from the second floor for these same things. From there you may also be able to see dented, curling or bent shingles. Dented shingles can indicate hail damage while bent or curling ones can be a sign of wind damage. Of course, if you don’t have second story windows that allow a good look at your roof, get out a ladder but practice good ladder safety.

Go Into Your Attic

Your attic can also tell you if you have roof damage. Go inside and look up with the light on and perhaps the help of a flashlight. Look around for dark streaks or spots on your roof deck. This is an early indication of a roof leak which could be from a storm or just aging. Next, turn off the light and see if light comes in through the roof anywhere. If light comes in, water can too. Also look at your insulation. If it looks compressed or wet, chances are good there’s a roof leak somewhere nearby and you should call your roofing company for repair.

Aging Roof Signs

Not all roof damage comes from a storm. Often, it’s due to an aging roof. Having professional periodic roofing inspections by a professional roofing company can help extend the life of the roof and reduce your repair bills. Your roofing company can catch things like loose shingles or flashing that should be resealed before you end up with a roof leak and water damage.

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