Although it may have kept your home warm, what about its exterior? The many freeze thaw cycles we had this winter took a toll on many home’s masonry and flashing, especially around the chimney. Here are some things to look for that indicate you need a chimney repair company.

Crumbling or Cracked Mortar Joints

Take a look at the visible part of your chimney. Are their cracks? What about pieces of mortar that appear to be missing? When a small amount of water gets in a hairline crack and then freezes, the water expands making the crack bigger. As this happens repeatedly over the winter, you end up with a big crack that can let water into your home. Neglect leads to a structurally unstable chimney which may eventually lead to more significant issues.

Damaged Bricks

Sometimes as a result of what is called spalling, part of your chimney’s bricks breaks off. It happens when the bricks absorb moisture and freeze and thaw just like the mortar. The problem with either cracked mortar or broken bricks is when enough damage happens, your chimney is no longer structurally stable. Most chimneys last 100 years or more, but only with proper maintenance and repair. That means every few years you should have a chimney repair company inspect and repair the mortar and replace the damaged bricks to ensure continued stability.

Water in Your Attic

If you’ve walked in your attic recently and notice the chimney is damp or worse there is water damage to the structure, you likely have an issue with your flashing or chimney cap. Although there are other reasons this happens, the most common are those two scenarios. Whatever the issue, a good chimney repair company can get to the root of the problem and prevent further damage from spring rains.

If you thought you were being responsible when you notice an issue over the winter and another chimney repair company performed a repair while the temperatures were below about 40 degrees, it’s possible the fix didn’t hold. Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors is ready to help you fix your chimney whether the issue is with the masonry or the flashing around the chimney. Call us today at 414-425-5796 for your free inspection and estimate.