If you’re buying a home, you may think that because your home inspection didn’t turn up anything with the roof that your roof is in great condition. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Home inspectors aren’t roofers and aren’t expected to discover roof leaks. In your home inspection they will look at the roof for common signs of issues but not inspect it the way a roofer does.

What Elements of Your Roof Does a Home Inspector Look At?

At a minimum a home inspector will look to make sure there are no missing shingles or obvious signs of roof damage from the outside. They will also look at the gutters to ensure that they are all firmly attached and there are no holes. If the attic is accessible, they will go in and look for signs of water damage and pest infestations.

What a Roofing Inspection Includes

A roofing inspection includes the same elements as a home inspection, but a lot more. Here are the things roofers look for during their inspection.

  • How the shingles lay on the roof – Are they curling, bubbling, misaligned or if are there missing granules.
  • Condition of flashing – It should be without defect and sealed along the roof protrusions.
  • Soffit & fascia – Soffits should be clear and fascia should be in good condition.
  • Overall gutter condition – In addition to what a home inspector looks at, they check seams and downspouts.
  • Insulation – Not only will they check that the insulation is dry and present, good roofers make sure it is sufficient for today’s recommendations.
  • Ventilation – There are two elements of your attic’s ventilation system and your roofer will check the ratio of the ventilation to the attics area and that the intake and exhaust vents are in good condition.
  • Roof deck and trusses – Although a home inspector will notice if there are significant issues with the roof deck or trusses, roofers look for signs of old water damage that may require special attention now or in the future. Things like roof rot and mildew.

When Should You Get a Roofing Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

If the home inspector notes anything amiss about the roof in the report or if you notice something regarding the roof that is of concern, it won’t hurt to hire a roofing company and pay for a roofing inspection. Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors offer roofing inspections for buyers so they know if they should adjust their offer based on the condition of the roof. We also offer roofing inspections to sellers to provide peace of mind to potential buyers. If you’d like more information about our roofing inspections or any of our other services, call us today at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form.