Just about every year we write a blog about the specific return on investment (ROI) of various home improvements. We do this when Remodeling Magazine publishes their report annually. (The most recent one can be downloaded here.) There are many other sources and they all look at pretty much the same factors – how much your home is worth before and after the remodel and the investment. This method is generally accepted as a good way to determine the project’s return. However, there are other elements to consider when it comes to the ROI of home improvements.


Some home improvements, like new siding and replacement windows, may save you time. If you have wood windows that need regular scraping, sanding and painting, you’re spending time and money to get the job done to protect your windows. The same goes for wood siding. You should factor time savings into the return on investment of replacing wood windows and siding with vinyl. If you currently install storm windows every fall, you will never need to do that again with new dual-pane windows. And, as an added bonus, you won’t have to store them anymore.

Your HVAC System

We all know that new windows are more energy efficient and will reduce your heating and cooling bill. The same can be true of a new roof and new siding. However, a simple reduction in heating and cooling costs shouldn’t be the only thing you factor in. Your HVAC system will not have to work as hard or as often if you have an energy efficient home. That means it will last longer and likely have fewer repairs. If you can get even two more years out of your HVAC system, that should be factored into your considerations of ROI of home improvements like a new roof, siding or windows.

More Comfortable Home Environment

New windows and siding can reduce the outside noises you hear when inside your home. If you could get better sleep because you no longer hear every loud car that drives by at 4am, you are experiencing a return on your investment of better sleep.

Because new windows have less heat (and cool) transference, you can be more comfortable sitting near your windows. This is true even when the heat or air conditioning is set to the same temperature as always. When the air can’t get in, the areas near windows are more comfortable.

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