Whether you’re planning a whole home exterior makeover including roofing, siding and windows or just calling a siding replacement company for new siding, color matters. Choosing the right color and color combination can bring your home into this decade. Here are some of the exterior color trends for 2021.

Bold & Dark

Perhaps the most surprising trend we’ve seen emerge over the past few years is the trend toward dark and bold colors. Black, deep grey, navy and bronze are all among the hottest dark colors. Choose one of these dark hues with your existing white windows, or replacement windows and you’ll have a stunning home.

Mountains, Sky & Sea

Don’t automatically think earth tones. Browns, tans and mossy greens are out. Instead think the breathtaking hues of the mountains far in the distance. Or the rich grey found in the rocks when you reach the summit. Consider a deep blue of the ocean or that perfect grey in the sky just before a thunderstorm.


Although pure white never seems to go out of style for a home’s exterior, as a siding replacement company, we love this trend of creamy white. It has much more color than the dove white or linen whites we’ve seen for decades, this white has some yellow which softens the look of your home. Think about the color of freshly churned butter or the sand on Florida’s gulf coast.

Coordinating your Roof, Doors & Windows

Because your home’s siding is likely the most visible element of your home’s exterior, we recommend choosing that first. Once you have a color or color pallet, move on to your roof if you’re replacing that as well. Your roof should complement, not match, your home’s exterior. If you are keeping your home’s exterior one color, consider a color blend roofing shingle. This will add some color and pop to your home in a subtle way.

If windows and doors are also on your list for your exterior makeover, we love the trend of black replacement windows in homes with light colored siding. It creates a stunning focal point and great visual interest. Are you wishing you could do something bold with your home’s exterior but not quite ready? Why not paint your door something modern and trendy? Afterall, repainting a door is inexpensive and can be done anytime you want something new.

Frank-dale Roofing & Exteriors Can Help with Your Home Makeover

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