Did you know that the average roofing contractor is out of business in less than five years? They may claim to have a long history in the community or as a roofer but you may be surprised to learn that they’ve had multiple names due to bankruptcy filings. Because your roof comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, you want a roofing contractor who will be there to stand behind not only the manufacturer’s but also their installation warranty.

Make Sure They’re Licensed

Although not all roofing services require a license, in the state of Wisconsin, there are two types of contractors. A Dwelling Contractor Licensed and a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license. Although both may pull permits, a dwelling contractor is the more advanced licensing which requires more training. Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t make the time for training and licensing, it’s a risk that’s simply not worth taking. You can verify their license here.

Check Their Insurance

Did you know that if a contractor has an accident on your property or damages a neighbor’s property while doing a job you hired them for that you could be liable? If that contractor has liability insurance, they take that risk. Don’t just assume the piece of paper they flash in front of you is still valid. Ask for their agent’s name and call to verify that they do have an active liability policy in place.

Check Their Reputation

There are a few ways to check a business’s reputation. One of the most trusted way is to see what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has to say about the company. Other ways are to check reviews on independent sites like Google and Facebook. Keep in mind that you should look at the totality of the reviews and not just one. When you encounter a bad review, see how the roofing contractor deals with it.

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