Have you received a mailer, door tag or even an email offering you a free quote because you need a roof replacement? Does it include a grainy picture like this one with details like, “we see streaking or staining?” This is a common sales tactic these days. It’s much like the phone call we’ve all gotten about our car’s warranty expiring. 95% of the time it’s just spam. And the other five percent is a lucky guess. But those lucky guesses are unethical roofers praying on those who don’t have a lot of experience with whether they need a roof replacements. Here are some examples of what we’ve seen.

“Due to a Recent Hailstorm in Your Area, You Are Eligible for a Free Roof”

This is always a lie. Let’s assume you do have hail damage and you do need a new roof. You have a contract with the insurance company agreeing to pay a deductible for any loss. This includes a roof replacement. Unethical roofers offer to “take the hit” of your deductible if you choose them. What they do is overbill your insurance company for the cost of the roof initially then change it to the exact cost of the roof minus your deductible later. They still get the deductible without you paying. However, this is insurance fraud and can leave you in a lot of trouble.

“We’ve Surveyed Your Roof from Our Drone (or Satellite) and You Need a New Roof”

Their letter may include details that seem very real and potentially scary and that’s their goal. They want you to call them out of fear with the hopes that their offer to save your home from potential water damage and increased expenses will cause you to not call for an actual roofing inspection from a reputable roofer. Let me assure you that no one can see roof damage from a satellite, no roofing company has a satellite. And simply flying a drone over your home isn’t enough to know if you need a roof replacement.

“We’re Offering Significant Discounts to Your Neighborhood Because…”

Sometimes the reason is because they already have so many homes they’re re-roofing and that it’s easy for them to do it as they’re already going to be in the area. Other times it’s because they’ve come to an agreement with your HOA to offer these amazing discounts. However, if the company you’re using is a local roofer, they don’t need to offer discounts because they’re in the area, they live and work in your community. Never choose a roofing company from out of town, they can’t be there to stand behind their workmanship warranty (assuming they even offer one). And, rarely does an HOA get involved by endorsing any business as it’s not in their best interest to do so.

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