Did you have what appeared to be a chimney leak during the snow melt? Or did it seem more like a roof leak? Sometimes it takes an expert to figure out where the leak is coming from. An experienced roofing company can determine if your need chimney or roof repair or both. Unless it’s a masonry issue at which point you should hire a mason. Here are some common issues that lead to leaks in and around your chimney.


Every chimney should have flashing properly installed between the chimney and the roof. It’s meant to direct the water down the roof rather than continuing down the chimney. Flashing needs to be sealed around the top to keep the water out. That sealant breaks down over time which can lead to a roof leak that very much appears to be a chimney leak.

Chimney Cap

Your chimney cap serves many purposes. It keeps pests out of your chimney. Perhaps more importantly, it helps keep water out of your chimney. When yours has an issue, water runs down your chimney into your home. This can show as a chimney or roof leak with water in and around the fireplace as well as in your attic.


As you look up at your chimney, the mortar between the bricks and stone should be without cracks. When it has cracks, water can get in. When we have a freeze-thaw cycle and there’s water in the cracks, the cracks get bigger. Over time you can end up with lose bricks and significant damage to your chimney, fireplace, attic and home in general. You need an experienced mason for proper repair.

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