You know the team at Frank-Dale Exteriors only installs leading brands for all our exterior renovation services. CertainTeed brand shingles are no exception. With over 100 years manufacturing roofing products, you can’t go wrong with this top brand. From their basic 3-tab shingle to their highly popular Landmark™ Shingles or their specialty lines, CertainTeed has a shingle product for everyone.

Why Consider CertainTeed?

CertainTeed’s product speak for themselves but if you’re looking for unique styling or traditional beauty for your home, you can’t go wrong with their shingles. There are 10 main product lines offered in the Milwaukee suburbs each with many different colors. Some of their lines, like the Presidential and Landmark IR are impact resistant making these shingles an ideal choice when you want a shingle that can stand up to hail. CertainTeed also offers two lines of shingles that take advantage of cool roofing technology. If you’re looking for an energy saving roofing product, ask about their Solaris lines.

For the most part, homeowners get a new roof because their old one is failing. When choosing a new roof you want not only a roof that looks great and enhances the curb appeal of your home, but also one that can stand up to the elements. Those are two other reasons to choose CertainTeed. With their multiple lines, you can have asphalt shingles in the traditional architectural styling or that looks like slate, wood shake, scalloped, or other unique design patterns. In additional all CertainTeed roofing products come with exceptional warranties.

A Roof for Years to Come

Your roof from Frank-Dale Exteriors and CertainTeed will last for decades. Our trained installers always install a complete roofing system to ensure you get all the benefits from your new roof that you expect. We always recommend a complete tear off of your old roof and that means you’ll receive the maximum warranty coverage from CertainTeed. Don’t let another roofer try to do an overlay because it will save a few dollar, you don’t want to compromise your shingle warranty.

When you’re ready for a roof replacement and want a CertainTeed certified installer, call Frank-Dale Exteriors. We know the best installation methods for their products and can also provide you with Quality Edge trim, soffits, and fascia to complete your new roof. Call us today at 414-425-5796 to schedule your free estimate.