We’re seeing more and more roofing companies promoting asphalt shingle roof coatings. And although they may seem like a good idea, we can assure you that they are not. In fact, adding anything to your roof can actually shorten its life span rather than lengthen it as many are advertising. Here are reasons we won’t sell, promote or advocate for asphalt shingle roof coatings.

It Voids Your Warranty

Most shingles come with a manufacturer’s warranty of somewhere between 15 and 25 years. However, as soon as you alter the shingle in any way, you void your warranty. If you add a roof coating and later on the manufacturer determines your issue was actually their mistake, you won’t be covered. That will mean that although you could have had new shingles at no or a reduced cost, now you can’t because they can’t see if your shingles were part of the impacted lot.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Coatings Can Lead to Worse Problems

Let’s assume that the coating was applied per manufacturer’s instructions. However, even with the coating you get another roof leak. How can your roofer make the repair if all the shingles are stuck together with this coating? They can’t. They’ll have to remove a significant portion of the roof and replace that area. Now your repaired roof won’t match the rest of your roof. Also, if the roof isn’t completely dry when the coating is applied, you end up with moisture trapped in the shingles which can lead to roof rot which will lead to a big expense when you replace your roof.

May Be Against Local Code or HOA Regulations

Most roof coatings alter the color of the roof. This is intentional because one of the selling points is that a lighter color roof will reflect more of the sun’s rays and lead to lower cooling costs. That change in color may not be allowed if you live in a deed restricted community. Also, it’s a sign to any code enforcement officer that you have another layer on your roof. Although it’s legal to have a roof overlay, if you’ve already had an overlay, the coating is considered a third layer and is in violation of code.

At Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors we don’t offer hocus pocus solutions. We take the time to find the root of your roofing problem and offer a true solution. One that won’t cause you to be in violation of code, void your warranty or lead to worse problems down the line. Trust us as your roofing contractor by calling (414) 425-5796 or filling out our contact form today.