Atlas Roofing

Since 1982 Atlas has been manufacturing some of the finest asphalt shingles for steep slope applications like your home. As they’ve grown and evolved they’ve added many complimentary products like roof insulation and underlayment paper. All are vital components of your roofing system. We choose to sell and install Atlas roofing products because they offer a something for every home and we love their focus on energy efficient products.

Benefits of Atlas Shingles

Atlas offers many beneficial features in their various product lines. If you are tired of the staining and streaking on your roof, you want to choose a shingle with algae resistant Scotchgard Protector. Is your roof replacement due to a hailstorm? Consider one of their Class 4 impact resistant shingles. If wind damage is a concern, their solution is one of their 130mph rated wind resistant shingles. Atlas roofing products lines come in a variety of price points and styles. Colors vary by line as well.

If you’re looking for guidance as to the right Atlas roofing product for your home, Frank-Dale Roofing and Exteriors is here to help. Give us a call at 414-425-5796 and we’ll help you find the right roof for your home and install it expertly.