It’s spring and although the weather forecast for the next week of full of sun, the spring rains will come and summer storms will pour rain upon us. As a roof and gutter company, we see it every year when homeowners call us after storms.

The purpose of your gutters is to funnel the rainwater away from your home’s foundation, basement or crawlspace. When it rains, your gutters have almost as important a job to do as your roof and when they’re clogged or loose, you can end up with a roof leak either due to damaged fascia or shingles. If your gutters are not ready to do their job, you’re going to end up with home damage.

Gutter Inspections are Easy

If you can get up on a ladder and look in your gutters safely, do so. Some gutters are visible from second story windows which is another way to see how they look. You want them free of debris and firmly attached to your home. Sometimes the easiest way to see how well attached they are is walk beneath them and make sure there’s no light between the gutters and the home. If you notice anything that looks unusual, your roofer can help with repair or replacement. Of course, your gutter company (or roofer) can provide you with a gutter inspection as well.

New Gutters and Gutter Covers Make a Difference

Sometimes existing gutters aren’t worth repairing. Most older gutters are sectional gutters, meaning they’re assembled in sections on your home. Sectional gutters aren’t as strong as new seamless gutters and they leak more often than seamless ones. Technology has also changed. It’s likely that your gutter company has many color options and that the gutters won’t rust. When you have your gutter company also install gutter covers, you won’t need to worry about cleaning your gutters for years to come.

Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors Can Help

Although roofing is in our name, we are frequently called upon to be a gutter company as well. We offer high quality seamless aluminum gutters in many colors that won’t fade or rust. In addition, we often install gutter covers as well. This protects your entire home by preventing clogged gutters which lead to washed away mulch and water damage. If you need a roof or gutter company for an inspection, repair or replacement, call Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors at (414) 425-5796 or fill out our contact form for your no obligation estimate.