Siding in PewaukeeAs we’ve been spending more and more time replacing roofs and installing new siding in Pewaukee we decided to share why now is the time for some exterior home maintenance. If you didn’t know between the mid 90’s and now the population of our town has tripled. That means many of the homes are 20 or even nearing 30 years old. With time comes exterior maintenance like new siding.

Advantages of New Siding

We all know that new siding is going to look better but there are many other advantages. Some of those include:

  1. Increased energy-efficiency – Changes in building code benefits homeowners with older siding. That change specifies insulative house wrap before installation of new siding in Pewaukee. This applies throughout the suburbs of Milwaukee. Although you’ll need to make an investment in the siding and house wrap, you’ll see a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs.
  2. Fewer Leaks – As your siding has aged, the seams aren’t as secure. Wind and time have loosened the boards from your home’s exterior leaving it vulnerable.
  3. More Realistic Appearance – If you’re replacing aluminum or vinyl siding with newer siding, you’ll notice that it looks more like real wood siding than every before. Today’s manufacturing techniques gives your new siding a more wood-like appearance.
  4. Less Maintenance – Although no siding material is completely maintenance free, many of today’s products need little more than rinsing a few times a year. If you have wood siding and replace it with a modern vinyl siding product like those from Portfolio Exteriors you won’t ever paint or stain your siding again.

Roofing and Windows Too

If you’re considering a total home exterior makeover then you’ll want a new roof and windows. Old style 3-tab shingles last about 15 years with good maintenance. Newer architectural shingles can last twice as long and provide some energy-efficient benefits. Today’s roofing products come in many styles and colors to give your home a fresh modern look.

If window replacement is on your list, doing it at the same time you replace your siding can save you money. Replacement windows and new construction windows that have the same features cost different amounts. Surprisingly to many homeowners, new construction windows are cheaper than replacement ones if your siding is off your home. Ask about the best option for your home when you talk to your exterior home improvement company.

Whether you’re looking for new roofing, windows, or siding in Pewaukee or any neighboring communities, Frank-Dale Roofing & Exteriors can help. We offer products ideally suited to the harsh winters and hot summers. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate for any one of or combination of our products. Call 414-425-5796 or complete our contact form for your consultation.