5 things your home improvement contractor should haveThere are many home improvement contractors you can hire for new siding, windows, or roofing, so how do you choose the right one? Use this blog as a checklist. If your home improvement contractor doesn’t have these five things, you might want to choose a different company. These simple things show the professionalism of the business.

1.      A Detailed Written Estimate

Almost all roofing contractors, siding installers, replacement window companies, and chimney repair services provide a written estimate, however, some simply list the job, like “replace 10 windows” and provide a price. You should insist on a more detailed quote that includes the brands, style or model, color, installation, and price. This detailed estimate will allow you to compare various quotes.

2.      Licensing

Although not all jobs and services require licensing, if your state or municipality does, make sure your home improvement contractor has the proper licensing. Without it, they likely won’t be able to pull permits and you may be left with an unexpected expense of a fine and permit fee after the fact.

3.      Insurance

Insurance protects you, the homeowner. There are two types your contractor should have, liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Should there be an accident on your property, you won’t have to pay the medical bills or lost wages or repairs if you hire an insured contractor.

4.      Reasonable Payment Terms

Depending on the goods and services the contractor provides, they may ask for a down payment up front. This is not uncommon especially if you’re having a roof replacement, new siding, or replacement windows. Never hire a contractor who asks for more than 50% up front for supplies. Any more than that and you’re likely dealing with a contractor who has financial issues and may not ever show up to finish your job.

5.      A Good Reputation

The internet makes it easy for anyone to say anything about a company. Your best bet is to look at the BBB and see if they’re an accredited business and what their rating is. From there, look at their reviews on third party sites like Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor. Remember no contractor will please every customer all the time but how they deal with the complaint is a key to how they work. Also look at the overall opinion of the quality of work and responsiveness.

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