There are many recommendations and lists of things you should be doing inside your home every month to keep everything working well but few lists talk about exterior home maintenance. Since we’re an exterior company, we’re sharing with you some tips that can help you avoid calling us for a major repair or replacement job.

Winter Recommendations

Although we haven’t had any crazy snow falls, the next time we do, keep an eye on your roof and gutters. If you see ice dams forming, you’ll want to check your gutters for clogs when the snow and ice melt and your attic for insulation. Ice dams can damage your roof and gutters. Of course, if we get a big snowfall and you’re concerned about the weight of the snow, be prepared to remove some of the snow but don’t scrape so low that you scrape the shingles or you’ll be calling us because of a roof leak.

Spring Maintenance

Once the ice and snow are done for the year, you’ll want to remove your storm windows (if you have them) and inspect your window caulk. It’s easy to replace if yours is cracked or missing. Check your siding and make sure it didn’t crack or pull away from the home over the winter. You’ll also want to make sure your roof and gutters are doing their job – remember that after the trees are done “pollening” you’ll want to clean your gutters.

Summer Checklist

Look at the trees around your home. Are branches rubbing on your siding or roof? If so, have them trimmed back. Trees can remove granules from your roofing and damage siding. After every strong storm, walk around your home and make sure everything looks to be in order. If you hear that there was a hail storm in your area, call your roofing contractor for an inspection as they may find hail damage not visible from the ground that requires repair or a roof replacement.

Fall Clean Up

Before winter sets in you have the biggest list of to-do’s around your home. You’ll want to make sure your roof and gutters are clean. Rotting leaves and debris on your roof will cause your shingles to deteriorate more quickly than they should. Of course, clogged gutters lead to problems from your foundation to your roof. You’ll also want to check your caulk and repair or replace any that requires attention before you install your storm windows. Don’t forget to get your chimney inspected and cleaned before you start using it for safety reasons.

At any point during the year if you find you need new siding due to damage from a storm or just aging, Frank-Dale Exteriors can help. If you’re tired of installing, removing and storing your storm windows, we have exceptional replacement windows that provide your home with excellent energy efficiency without storm windows. Of course, we can also help with your roof and gutters. We provide roof replacement, roof repair and gutter replacement. We also offer masonry services if your chimney requires repair. Call us today to assist with all your siding, roofing, window, masonry and gutter needs – 414-425-5796.